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Why Not Make It Custom?

Posted on Jun 5, 2012

For those who are making the decision to build a timber frame home now is a great time to view floor plan concepts, learn what your design preferences are and to begin customizing that future home. At Riverbend, this summer we are highlighting floor plans both old and new to inspire your designs. As we launch new and exciting concepts every week, we are often asked questions like; why don’t we show bigger floor plans or smaller ones and why don’t we show more homes with basements or more of just single levels. Today, we want to answer some of the reasons why with our approach to custom design.

Customizing Square Footage Customization with Design Concepts

When we showcase our plans that range from 1,100 square feet to nearly 8,000 square feet we are offering a breadth of timber frame plans and elevations to give you an idea of the space you can expect to utilize in your home’s own square footage. Whether you are looking for a plan with 3,000 square feet or a plan with 5,000, your room for personal design is not limited to an exact square foot.  For example, you could increase your footprint by bumping out the master suite of smaller plan to include a sitting area or you could decrease the size of your large design concept by removing a spare bedroom on the second level.

Customize Style and Design

At Riverbend, our talented design team has created a variety of design concepts featuring traditional and contemporary timber framing styles ranging from French country to Southwestern and Barn-style to New England-style. It is not uncommon to have a client whose eye catches the floor plan concept of a modern style home but would like to blend that with a Southwestern style exterior design.  A large part of our pledge of customization is to not only provide you with a floor plan concept that is tailored to your needs but also to ensure that your layout and style preferences coincide as well.

At the end of the day, our goal is to show a broad variety of styles, sizes and layouts that will excite and inspire you to create your own unique timber home. We create one-of-a-kind designs so our clients don’t have to choose a plan to build; they are inspired by our concepts and work directly with a Riverbend designer to create a unique timber frame home.


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