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Energy Efficient Timber Homes

At Riverbend Timber Framing, we combine the classic craftsmanship of a timber frame home with all the benefits that modern design has to offer. A well-built, energy efficient home with the ability to significantly reduce energy costs, while providing a pleasant living space — that’s what building energy efficient timber homes means to us.

Riverbend timber frame homes are built to last for generations. That’s not just because of the enduring nature of a timber home, but because our integrated building system is designed to seal your home from the elements year after year after year.

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Your Home's Energy Envelope

When we refer to your home’s energy envelope, we are speaking of how well the walls, foundation, and roofing work together to seal your home from energy loss. Energy loss through a wall or roof system is measured primarily in two forms: air leakage and conductive heat loss. Air leaks allow the heat to escape in the seams of your home and fiber-based insulation, while conductive heat loss occurs through ineffective insulation.

In the sample images on this page, dark blues represent low levels of energy loss, while on the other side of the spectrum, bright white represents extreme loss. You can see the drastic difference in the home which uses SIP construction versus the conventional stick-frame house. A home that uses structural insulated panels has a solid core and a higher R-value — that’s the amount of resistance a material has to heat loss.

Investing in the Future

For most, the decision to build a traditional timber frame home is an investment in the future. This is a home you plan to enjoy for a lifetime and may even plan to pass down to future generations. We realize that you want to build according to the long term investment your home represents. By investing in quality building techniques, such as SIPs and ICFs, you can take advantage of energy savings in both the short- and long-term life of your home.

In the short-term, a Riverbend home built with SIPs and ICFs will reduce the size, and the cost, of the HVAC system need for the home. Riverbend works with a third-party vendor to properly calculate your home’s heating and cooling loads, size your HVAC system, and optimize the sizing of your home’s duct work.

In the long-term, your energy efficient Riverbend home, with its properly size HVAC system and ducts, will save you money on your monthly heating and cooling bills. Since it is unlikely that the cost to heat and cool your home will drop in the future, your investment in energy efficiency now will save you money as long as you own your home.

Health & Comfort

The expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam used in the SIPs and ICFs Riverbend incorporates into each of its homes is a healthy insulation product. It does not off-gas like polyurethane or spray insulation so there are not VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the air that you and your family breathe.

A Riverbend home also creates a comfortable living space by providing consistent temperatures throughout the home. And, the SIPS and ICFs absorb and dampen noise so your home feels like a sanctuary.

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Green Home Certifications

If your home building goals go beyond energy efficiency, and you want to secure a certification such as LEED®, Energuide, or EnergyStar, Riverbend energy efficient homes are designed to help you meet any level. Using SIP and ICF construction starts your home on the right path, and Riverbend’s experienced design team will help you understand what additional aspects may be required. We have helped clients meet the criteria for multiple green home programs over the years and are available to discuss the possibilities for your project.

When you work with the timber framing experts at Riverbend, you’re working with a team of professionals with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. We are proud to provide timeless designs you’ll fall in love with while combining them with the latest technology to craft homes that are as efficient as they are beautiful. Learn more about our energy efficient timber frame homes and how you can modify your own custom design today.

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