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Craftsman Timber Frame Homes

Functional styling and attention to detail are hallmarks of Craftsman style timber homes. At Riverbend, our traditional techniques, skilled timber craftsmanship, and quality materials all work together in helping you build a modern craftsman home which functions for the way you live.

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Craftsman Timber Home Plans

Craftsman style architecture was born in the late 1800s as a response to the mass production made possible by the Industrial Revolution. To counter cheap, mass-produced goods, artisans created the Arts and Crafts movement which focused on craftsmanship and attention to detail. Custom timber framing is a perfect fit for this style, whether you choose a few custom trusses and some post and beam accents, or a full decorative frame. Riverbend showcases a variety of Craftsman floor plans to help spark your own timber home.

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Craftsman Timber Frame Homes - Timber Frame Home

Craftsman Timber Frame Characteristics

  • Lower pitched roofs
  • Artistic timber framing with arches and angles
  • Exposed rafters or floor joists under lower ceilings
  • Covered porches featuring timber post and beam
  • Claddings that mix natural tones with a splash of color
  • Banded window features in areas like porches and staircases


Craftsman Style Home Photo Galleries

By constructing your own Craftsman style timber frame home, you’re doing more than building a house, you’re crafting a legacy. Browse photos of some of our favorite Craftsman style homes to get ideas for your future house.

Let Riverbend Build Your Craftsman Style Home

Springing out of the Arts and Crafts movement, more than a century ago, the history of Craftsman style can be attributed to two architects, brothers Charles and Henry Greene. Their original work centered on creating bungalows, which featured low pitched roofs and porches for taking advantage of the weather in warmer climates. The style quickly spread and has been adapted in many ways. Riverbend has the design expertise to bring your vision of a Craftsman style home to life.

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