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Farmhouse Style Timber Homes

Inspired by the classic look of barns and the cozy feel of traditional farmhouses, Riverbend’s farmhouse style homes add a modern twist that makes them a perfect fit for contemporary lifestyles.

Farmhouse Style Timber Homes - farmhouse floor plans

Farmhouse Style Timber Floor Plans

Our farmhouse style plans mix open interior layouts with built-in elements, clever storage, and outdoor spaces that extend your living space. These floor plan concepts are designed to make the most of smaller layouts, while maintaining a distinct architectural look. The timber framing for each plan represents a modern take on traditional farmhouse architecture and is designed to complement the unique look of that home.

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Farmhouse Style Timber Homes - modern farmhouse designs

Modern Farmhouse Style Homes

Riverbend’s modern farmhouse timber homes blend traditional farmhouse characteristics, such as open interiors, simplistic footprints, and natural timber framing, with modern architectural elements.

This blending of styles creates homes that are artistically satisfying while remaining cozy and exceedingly livable.

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Farmhouse Style Timber Homes - Farmhouse style Characteristics

Farmhouse Style Characteristics

  • Creative use of space within smaller layouts
  • Clean lines and minimal roof lines
  • Featured glass elements
  • Vertical siding that spans multiple levels
  • Banded windows with dark coloring
  • Signature timber framing that complements the design
  • Monochromatic finishes with a splash of color

Bringing Your Farmhouse Timber Home to Life

Let Riverbend design the farmhouse style home that best fits with your unique style. Are you more drawn to a monochromatic exterior, or prefer a vibrant red or green? Would you like a layout that emphasizes bedrooms or makes more area for group gatherings? We will work with you to create a unique farmhouse style that directly reflects your family.

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