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Timber Frame Craftsmanship

To Riverbend, your home is more than a structure. It is a source of artistic pride. Each one of our custom home designs is designed and built to provide you with a legacy you can be proud of for years to come. We accomplish this through the use of only the highest grade materials and the best, most experienced people. While the timbers that create the frame of your home provide natural beauty and warmth, it’s up to the craftsman that cut and hone the timbers to showcase that beauty to its best advantage. Riverbend expects nothing less than quality craftsmanship in everything we do, so rest assured that we pay the utmost attention to it.

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Rooted In Tradition

During these times of faster and newer methods, we don’t always think these things are necessarily better. We often long to slow the pace and reconnect with nature and tradition. Riverbend utilizes the traditional techniques of crafting timber frame homes to create a living space that is both organic and vibrant. Each mortise and tenon connection has its own character, and every truss offers a brief glimpse into the past. Through the tradition of timber framing, we can design homes that will match your style, while maintaining the innate look and feel that comes from centuries of craftsmanship.

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Details Make the Difference

As you enter your Riverbend home, you notice the timbers, of course. But as you look closer, you can see the intricate details that go into each connection. Whether it is a complex truss system overhead or the space where a post meets the cross beam in your kitchen, each timber has character. When we design your frame, we purposefully craft each connection for strength and beauty.

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Timber Species

The beauty of your timber frame home is a direct extension of the quality of the wood used and the precision of its manufacturing. At Riverbend, we recommend using either Oak or Douglas fir to create your signature home. At Riverbend, we can use Oak, free of heart center Douglas fir, or other species to create your signature home.

Oak is a dense hardwood that has been used in traditional timber frame homes for centuries. Its sheer strength enables builders to create more delicate connections. Additionally, many clients are looking for the character imparted by the knots and grain-figuring of oak.

With our years of experience, we have found that free of heart Douglas fir also provides our clients with the level of craftsmanship they demand. With its complex grain structure, Douglas fir is less prone to checking and twisting. Douglas fir is also strong, flexible, and available in a variety of sizes.

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