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Hybrid Timber Homes

Riverbend combines traditional timber framing with a Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) enclosure to create beautiful, energy efficient, homes and structures. Our hybrid timber frame homes are a perfect solution for achieving a truly custom timber home that fits your budget goals while simultaneously creating a comfortable interior living space.

Hybrid Timber Frame Home Design

Timber and SIP homeIn traditional timber frame home construction, the entire structure is dependent on the timber framing. When we incorporate structural insulated panels (SIPs), we reduce the dependence on the frame which gives us more design flexibility and enables us to design to your overall budget.

Design Flexibility

Hybrid timber and SIP construction gives you the flexibility to add timber framing to those rooms that are most important to you. For instance, you may prefer more framing in the great room and master bedroom, while limiting or eliminating timber framing from other rooms. You can also choose a density of framing that fits best with your aesthetic vision.

Designing to Your Budget

The amount of timber framing, and the complexity of that framing, will have a direct effect on your cost to build. By using hybrid timber and SIP construction, your Riverbend architectural designer can create a timber frame structure that matches your vision while meeting your budget goals. As you go through the hybrid home design process, the style and density of the timber will be an ongoing discussion, as your designer explains how your choices will impact the cost to build.

Hybrid Timber Floor Plans

Hybrid Timber Home Construction

Timber SIP BuildingWhen you choose to work with Riverbend, we recognize that you are interested in building a home, not just a frame. This is why we provide a complete hybrid SIP and timber building envelope, with the option of purchasing windows and doors. Once the shell is complete, the home is ready for your chosen builder to finish the interior and clad the exterior.

What Are SIP Timber Frame Homes?

Riverbend uses structural insulated panels from our fellow company, Insulspan. These panels are made by laminating two pieces of OSB (oriented strand board) around a solid core of EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam, using extreme pressure. The result is a super-strong building panel that provides incredible energy efficiency and structural building value. While many timber framers use SIPs, not all SIPs are manufactured in the same way. Learn more about the unique value of Insulspan EPS SIPs.

Energy Efficiency

Structural insulated panels are a perfect companion for timber frame homes. The SIPs wrap your timber framing from walls to roof in an energy-efficient shell that reduces energy loss from both conduction (heat transfer through the wall) and convection (air leaks inside the wall). By choosing hybrid timber construction, you gain the beauty of timber framing and the comfort of consistent interior temperatures. Not to mention a reduction in your energy bills.

A Single Source of Accountability

The main structural envelope of your home will be provided by Riverbend and we understand, better than anyone, how our system fits together. This means that we can design your home in a way that takes the best advantage of our products’ capabilities. Riverbend follows up our custom design and quality-controlled manufacturing by providing either an on-site advisor or our own team of installers to install the frame. We can also provide an on-site advisor to help install the SIPs or complete the structural shell construction of your home.



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