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What is a Custom Timber Home?

Posted on Apr 17, 2012

Customization is a word used often here at Riverbend, but what exactly do we mean? When we speak of building to a budget, size and location of a project, those parameters are measured and altered in degrees of customization. Understanding that every homeowner’s vision is different, we work closely with clients to ensure that their home matches the image they see when they close their eyes. Whether that be altering the look of one of our existing floor plan concepts or creating an entirely new plan from scratch.

Home ExteriorMinor Customization

For some, after looking through countless company websites at a variety of timber frame homes, one design concept might stand out from all the rest. Perhaps there is a certain floor plan that has caught your eye for its overall appeal but there are a few things you would like to tweak. Having years of experience with this level of customization for clients, Riverbend designers can make those alterations, whether it be to bump out a wall for a larger living space or adding a basement to match a unique landscape.

Extensive Customization

This degree is the more common of the three at Riverbend. While minor customization relies on the overall structure of an existing plan for a new home’s construction, this degree is not so dependent on structural consistency. For some, their inspiration is found from more than one floor plan concept or there might even be certain pieces of different concepts that they would like to see come together in their home. With extensive customization, there is freedom to move around rooms and change an existing floor plan while still retaining the overall look of the design concept that was their inspiration.

Complete Customization

With complete customization, your designers work with you from the ground up to design a completely unique floor plan concept that is tailor-made to your wants. There is no limit to this level of design, you may find inspiration from pictures and plans, but the end result will be all your own. If you are a client with a particular design in mind to accommodate your unique lifestyle, total customization will allow for a completely one-of-a-kind timber home.

No matter what degree of customization you choose, you will work with architectural designers through the entire process to ensure that your timber home achieves your specific needs for your style, budget and location.

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