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Questions To Ask Before You Begin

Oct 01, 2014
Cook County entryway

For centuries, people have chosen timber framing as their preferred building style. This is because of its traditional beauty, durability, and overall visual impact. If you are planning to build, you might know from day one that you want to have a timber frame home, but how do you go about finding the right company […]

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Tips for Purchasing Land

Jan 09, 2014
ohio property

When you make the decision to build your own home, the natural, first step is to find the right piece of land to build on. Here we offer some advice on factors to look for and think about when purchasing the most suitable land for the location you wish to live. Suburban Locations Perhaps you […]

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Project Management Tips for a Smooth Build Process

Aug 20, 2013
timber frame authentic barns

Project Management Basics The time it takes to build a custom timber frame home, from breaking ground to completion, varies widely. In fact, it can be anywhere from several months to a few years. At Riverbend, we understand how anxious some clients become as work continues on their dream home whilst the completion date seems […]

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The Advantages of Timber Framing

Jul 09, 2013
timber frame great room

Timber framing creates more than just an elegant, authentically built home. Timber framing also brings energy efficiency, structural integrity, design flexibility, and centuries of craftsmanship and tradition to every home. Let’s take a look at several benefits of timber framing, summarizing an article courtesy of the Timber Framers Guild. Energy Efficiency Energy efficiency is critical […]

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Making an Entrance

Jun 11, 2013

Many future timber frame homeowners focus on the great room space. After all, it is the location where most of the home’s timber framing is displayed; and, it is the central and primary area where the most time will be spent. However, there are other superb opportunities available for showcasing your timbers. For example, the […]

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What Will The Frame Look Like?

May 21, 2013

You’ve made the decision to build a timber frame home and are on the brink of entering the design process. However, have you thought about what your actual timber frame will look like? During the design process, there are three elements that can be changed to create a home unique to you. These three elements […]

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What is Turnkey?

May 07, 2013
turnkey cost timber home

We all dream of that ideal timber frame home that is perfectly suited to our needs and wants. But, does that dream align with our wallets? Like everything else in life, cost is a crucial consideration on the road to your custom timber home. The best way to ensure that your design, lifestyle, and budget […]

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Universal Design on the Rise

Mar 26, 2013

As building trends continue to evolve, more and more people are realizing the practicality of designing a home to fit their every lifestyle, both now and in the future. This realization often leads to a different approach to home building. Universal Design is a concept incorporating a homeowner’s specific needs, desires, and lifestyle and creating […]

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What To Know About Taxes

Feb 12, 2013

April is the season where taxes are on everyone’s mind. So, what better time for discussing what you should know about taxes before you begin your timber frame home? While taxes may not be a crucial part of your project focus from the start, knowing the basics brings you a better understanding of how they […]

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The Kitchen Work Triangle

Nov 27, 2012

When most homeowners begin the process of designing their home, the kitchen’s design is always of utmost importance. However, there are often times where how they will work within that space is overlooked. The design idea known as the “kitchen work triangle” is a key factor in ensuring your kitchen space is functional and efficient. […]

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