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Timber Framing vs. Timber Post and Beam

Posted on Apr 9, 2014

You may have come across the term Post and Beam in your search for timber homes. Although Post and Beam and Timber Framing are two styles with similar attributes, many people (even within the industry) have a hard time distinguishing between the two. Today we will explore the differences in these two styles and why Riverbend chooses to use traditional timber framing in our home designs. Traditional Timber Frame

Traditional Timber Framing 

Traditional timber framing is a building style that utilizes tight fitting joinery to bring together the truss and bent systems of a timber frame skeleton. Mortise and tenon is a common form of this joinery — connecting a mortise hole on the end of one timber with a corresponding tenon that fits exactly into the hole. Mortise and Tenon can be cut to accommodate varying angles, complexities, and design of a timber frame. These joints are ultimately held in place with wooden pegs to create an organically beautiful frame that is complex as well as structurally sound.

Timber Post and Beam Post and Beam

In comparison to the traditional timber frame, a timber post and beam utilizes fasteners in the form of metal bolts and plates to connect the timber pieces. The style showcases a less intricate connection that often times can require less time to craft. These connections can be strategically hidden from view or they can be visible depending on a client’s desired look. In contrast to the organic flow of traditional timber framing, post and beam’s distinct look provides a more industrial appeal.

Riverbend Timber Framing

While both building styles bring their own unique look to a home’s interior, Riverbend takes artistic pride in the use of traditional timber framing. We believe that each connection has its own character, and the legacy of this time-honored tradition is exactly what couples who come to us are looking for in their own timber home design.


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