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Torrey Pines Floor Plan

Home Style: Craftsman | Liveable Sq Ft: 2,713 | Main Level Sq Ft: 1,493 | Second Level Sq Ft: 1,220

About The Torrey Pines Floor Plan

A modern take on classic Craftsman-style design, the Torrey Pines balances interior and exterior living spaces perfectly. Living in the suburbs with nearby neighbors? No worries, this floor plan concept was designed to maximize your privacy.

Torrey Pines -
Main Level
1,493 sq ft
Torrey Pines - torrey pines second story floor plan
2nd Level
1,220 sq ft
Torrey Pines -
Front Elevation
Torrey Pines -
Side Elevation
Torrey Pines -
Rear Elevation
Torrey Pines -
Side Elevation Two

What Will My Home Look Like?

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