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Top Reasons to Build a Timber Frame Home – What’s Your Why?

Sep 14, 2023

Rich history, exquisite timbers, and embracing the treasures of the land…. Homes that stand the test of time. Timber frame homes have countless benefits, but the most important one is your reason. Whether it be the sustainability aspect, or fulfilling a lifelong dream, it is important that your design and build team understands your vision, […]

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Design Considerations for Mountain Style Timber Frame Homes

Aug 01, 2023

Sometimes the best design ideas spring from our favorite childhood memories – a camping trip, fishing with Grandpa, building a fort in the woods. And then we grow up, and it all comes back around in that full, beautiful circle – you find that perfect piece of paradise, and these cherished memories now become the […]

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Riverbend & Outside Drawings

Nov 30, 2020
Fernie Ceiling

Many of our clients know us for our work creating beautiful, custom designed homes. We love sitting down with our clients and turning their vague, home design ideas into solid, artistic realities. We also love working with outside drawings to add timber framing. So, if you have a set of existing plans for a residential […]

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Using Commercial Glass: Architectural Elements

Sep 02, 2020
modern farmhouse designs

From the first timber homes were built in the early 80’s to today, one of the most common features our clients love is a wall of windows. Designers place the windows into vaulted spaces and frame them in timber. This way, they create a “wow” factor experience in areas like the great room or master […]

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Farmhouse Style Homes with a Modern Flair

Sep 02, 2020
Augusta modern farmhouse

There is something about a farmhouse that makes us feel rejuvenated and fresh. Maybe it comes from a societal longing to return to simpler times, smaller square footage, and valuing things for being unique and practical. At Riverbend, we believe the love for farmhouses comes from the appeal of letting the architecture speak for itself […]

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Blending of Architectural Styles: One of a Kind Design Artistry

Sep 02, 2020
artistry of timber framing

Throughout the years there have been plenty of styles that have garnered a following. These styles include the pillared Neoclassic, the American Colonial, and the ornate Victorian to name a few. All of these styles beg the question, for what will this era be remembered? At Riverbend, we would suggest this era may be known, […]

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