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Achieving the Ideal Deck Design

Posted on Mar 5, 2013

Outdoor living

The winter season is almost behind us, which means it’s that time again when we all start thinking about summer days filled with outdoor barbecues and backyard games. With all of the warm-weather activities vastly approaching, now is a great time to think about your timber home’s deck or porch design. This week we highlight some great tips for outdoor space design from an article by Timber Home Living. Whether you are thinking of incorporating a small, private porch off of the master suite or you envision an expansive deck with room for entertainment, consider these aspects of design before you begin.

Consider the Big Picture

When you work with your designers to create your timber home plan, you are working to make sure that every room flows with one another. The same considerations should be taken when designing your deck. What rooms do you want to have access to your outdoor space? Perhaps you want to utilize your deck as more of an alternative outdoor dining room, creating an entrance through the kitchen will allow for easy transfers of food and beverages. Or maybe your deck will be an area of entertainment and a door through a communal space like the great room would make the most sense.

How Will You Use the Space?Deck space design

What do you want to use your deck space for? Do you want to be able to cook and dine on it or do you want it to be a screened-in place for quiet relaxation? When you start the process of designing your deck space, share how you want it to function with your designer so that they can create a layout that works with your home and lifestyle.

Determining Your Layout

Once you have considered how your deck will flow with the rest of your home and what you would like to use it for, you will want to determine its size and style. If you are building on a sloped lot, think about whether you want a deck above the slope, below, or both. A topographic map of your lot can provide helpful insight for your designer on how to create a deck space that will work the land’s topography as well as your lifestyle.


For additional tips on deck design, read Timber Home Living’s article, entitled “Hit the Deck: 7 Factors for Successful Deck Design”.

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