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Meet Riverbend at an Event Near You

May 10, 2019
home planning seminar riverbend timber framing

Technology, like email and video calls, has made communication easier and more effective than ever. For some people, however, nothing replaces meeting in person. If you are interested in meeting the team that may help you build your dream timber frame home, Riverbend Timber Framing offers many ways in which to do so. Meet your […]

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Calculate the Cost of Your Dream Timber Frame Home

Jan 05, 2018

How much do timber frame homes cost to build?Can I compare the cost to build different timber frame homes?How can I calculate the cost to build my dream home? These questions have undoubtedly crossed your mind if you are considering building an authentic timber frame home. You need facts and figures to plan your budget […]

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Timber Frame Home Craftsmanship

Dec 07, 2017

Every timber frame home is reminiscent of yesteryear. Over the course of centuries, timber framing has evolved. Yet, one thing remains constant – craftsmanship. Let’s take a moment to learn about timber framing and and how it has changed over the centuries. Traditional Timber Frame Home Fabrication Fabrication, transforming a round log into a square timber, is […]

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Mountain Style Timber Frame Homes in 2018

Sep 29, 2017
alberta timber frame home rendering

Mountain style timber frame homes perfectly blend into North America’s many landscapes. This is because the architectural style reflects the rustic landscapes of the mountains themselves. From the Canadian Rockies to the Appalachians of America, these Mountain style homes also include stunning elements and uncommon beauty. Therefore, it’s easy to take advantage of views, capitalize […]

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Timber Cabin Construction in Saskatchewan

Jul 06, 2017

A ‘Construction-side’ Chat Riverbend recently had a few moments to catch up with Kerri of Saskatchewan, whose Riverbend timber frame cabin home is currently being raised on a lake outside of St. Walburg. Read below to see what inspired her waterfront-style home and how construction is going so far. Riverbend Timber Framing (RTF): Why are […]

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Project Management Tips for a Smooth Build Process

Aug 20, 2013
timber frame authentic barns

Project Management Basics The time it takes to build a custom timber frame home, from breaking ground to completion, varies widely. In fact, it can be anywhere from several months to a few years. At Riverbend, we understand how anxious some clients become as work continues on their dream home whilst the completion date seems […]

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