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Traditional Design with Modern Amenities

Posted on Feb 5, 2013

Bryan and Lisa wanted to build a traditional timber frame home on their land in the quaint community of Olds, Alberta. With their property facing the Canadian Rockies, the couple hoped to find a company that could create a design that mirrored the natural elements of the land. They also wanted to include energy efficient capabilities and a modern layout that matched their lifestyle. Variation of the Sonoma Hills

After browsing through several companies, it was the creative design concepts and customization abilities offered by Riverbend that helped them make their decision. With the help of their M.T.N designer, Bryan and Lisa found the Sonoma Hills to be the plan they had been looking for. The Sonoma Hills is a western-style concept that includes traditional timbers, a natural flair, and a modern layout. From there, the couple and their M.T.N designer got to work customizing the home’s design.

In order to achieve the square footage the couple wanted while still maintaining the overall look of the Sonoma Hills exterior, their designer included a basement to their project scope. With the basement addition they were able to add bedrooms as well as more living space. The above garage bedroom from the original design was also adapted to become a second master suite with a kitchenette, two bathrooms, and a sitting area.

As the president of a technologies company in Calgary, Bryan wanted to include energy efficient components to the home’s design that would create a greener lifestyle for the couple. These additions included Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) in the roof and walls, as well as smart home wiring for security systems and home automation. The couple also opted for radiant heat under their hardwood floors as a source of warmth during Canada’s colder months.

Bryan and Lisa are still working with their M.T.N designer to finalize their home’s design. The couple hopes to begin building their custom version of the Sonoma Hills concept later this year.

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