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Project Management Tips for a Smooth Build Process

Posted on Aug 20, 2013

The time it takes to build a custom home, from breaking ground to completion, can be anywhere between several months to a few years. We see how anxious our clients are to complete their project in that period of time, which is why it is so important to make sure everything flows smoothly throughout the process. Today we asked our entire Project Management team to share with us some tips that can help create a smoother, faster build process.

Tip #1

Derek—I think it is important that the client never higher the lowest bidding sub-contractor just because he is less costly.  The majority of the time you get what you pay for. By hiring the right people, you can tap into their network of subcontractors/vendors/suppliers, which will help the project run more smoothly through all phases.

Tip #2

Rich—Selections should be 90% complete before you start your project, including: light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and wall and floor coverings.  The more information your subcontractors have at the outset of construction, the better they are able to offer suggestions and maintain budgets.

Tip #3

Phil—Your sub-contractors should be maintaining a clean job site.  An organized and clean job site is sure sign of an organized project.  If the house, lot, or driveway is dirty or messy, you should start asking questions.

Tip #4

Jeff—Always collect and check references. Client and supplier references can help to navigate the sea of builders and subcontractors to find the ones that are perfect for your project.

Tip #5

Tom—Pay your sub-contractors, vendors, and suppliers on time for the work they performed. This helps to maintain a happy and productive job site.

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