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Seeing My Home Before I Build

Posted on Jul 17, 2013

The idea of building your own home is an exciting and detailed process that you want to go into fully prepared. Actually “seeing” your home and knowing that your architect understands your vision before you become fully invested in the process is an understandable need. We realize visual aids are an important aspect of a customer’s decision making and that is what our exclusive design process strives to provide for you.

You know that seeing your home before you commit to build will help you visualize what your time and money is going into, but how? In 30 years of business, Riverbend has developed an extensive gallery of photos that feature past client’s homes based on our floor plan concepts. If a client has built a similar home based on the same design concept, you can see exactly how the client chose to interpret the concept to fit their unique style. But a concept with previous project photos doesn’t guarantee that your home will look exactly the same. Their interpretation of the home might include different cladding, timber configurations and layout modifications that can skew your perception of the original design concept and will not provide an accurate depiction of what yourhome will look like.

Floor Plan Interpretations

Two Interpretations of the same floor plan concept: The Sandhill Crane

Seeing actual photos would be great, but what if the floor plan you choose is a new introduction or does not have photos of past projects to draw reference from? With Riverbend’s Design Process, seeing your home is possible before you build. We provide you with 3D color renderings that are often combined with an actual photo of your build site to create four different angles that offer 360° view of the home. Often times, these renderings are so realistic they are mistaken for a real photograph. These renderings are useful because they show you your design and lot instead of a version of the design or someone else’s home. We also include detailed elevations and floor plans as well as a drawing of your timber frame skeleton.

With Riverbend’s systematic process of design, it is important to remember that you don’t have to pick a plan before you begin. Clients are encouraged to be interactive in their home’s overall look and style from the very first design meeting to the end. You do not sign a contract to build until you have shared with us the vision of the concept you love. We want you to be able to clearly see your design you’ve created, through virtual and in-person design meetings you are provided with guided opportunity for you to see your design as it unfolds and alter it, then choose to commit to build.


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