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Riverbend’s Personal Touch

Posted on May 1, 2012

We understand that when it comes to a project as personal and important as building your family’s legacy home, you will want to meet with your representative one-on-one.  At Riverbend we want that experience to be as personal and professional as possible.  We want each client, no matter where they live or choose to build, to have a representative that knows timber frame homes, understands the variations of your area, and most importantly, is dedicated to serving each of his clients with the time and energy they deserve.  With so many territories to cover, the chances of finding 100’s of independent representatives that fit this mold is impossible.  So how do we ensure a personal approach when your rep doesn’t live next door?

The direct connection made from in-person meetings are something that our representatives truly appreciate and value, and this is why they travel regularly to their territories. It doesn’t matter if your site is 2 hours away by car or 3 hours away by plane, your rep is ready and willing to meet with you.

When do client representatives travel? Many times they travel specifically to meet with a prospect who is ready to start the design process.  This often includes a site visit, where they walk your land and take photos for your designer back home. Another reason they would be in your area is to head a Home Planning Seminar.  HPS’s are held periodically and often include a design team member.  These seminars offer a more intimate method of interacting with interested prospects who are generally planning to build within 3 years. In addition, when reps already have travel scheduled, we will send out notifications letting everyone in the area know.

In between visits, technology gives us the ability to close distances in communication. Even when your rep is not available for a face-to-face visit, video conferences, Skype, phone and email are all instant ways to communicate easily and to send information and ideas back and forth.


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