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Outdoor Living Spaces

Posted on May 29, 2012

With the heat of summer finally making an appearance, the season of family barbeques, poolside get-togethers and the array of outdoor activities is coming into full swing. For those of you who have been cooped up all winter long, the summer season is a chance to relax and entertain in the great outdoors surrounding your timber frame home. What better time than now to begin designing a unique and inviting outdoor living structure as an extension of your wood home.

With a history of building custom designed homes that are both ornate and unique, Riverbend also creates one-of-a-kind outdoor timber structure that will fit your particular needs. Whether it is a covered pergola for outdoor seating, a detached outdoor room, a gazebo or amphitheater, an outdoor space can reflect the charm of your timber home while offering new locations to entertain.

The Trailwind The Trailwind is a timber pavilion that is a perfect example of outdoor living in your own backyard. It features a split design for sitting and dining, with each side featuring its own fireplace. The timber-lined roof angles towards the sky to allow more sunlight while creating an architecturally stunning design feature.
The Sundance   A Southwestern inspired outdoor room; the Sundance is a great design concept for a shaded oasis from the summer sun. Between the aesthetically stunning timber beams and the terracotta roof, this living space can be enjoyed in any location from sea to desert to rural backyard.

For more information on designing your own, one-of-a-kind custom outdoor living space from scratch or using one an already existing outdoor room, contact us today:



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