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See Your Home Before You Build

There are many timber frame companies who ask you to choose one of their plans and sign a full contract before moving forward. You’re asked to commit a large sum toward building a home before you even have a chance to fully realize your floor plan concept. This process causes pressure to find an existing floor plan that is “perfect” as-is, so you can feel confident enough to make the investment. Riverbend offers a less stressful and more complete solution for achieving the “perfect plan.”

Achieving the "Perfect Plan"

With Riverbend, our design process is separate from the rest of the building project. You start by signing a Design Development Agreement (DDA) to work with Riverbend’s in-house architectural designers. For a modest fee, you receive design services that allow you to see what your home will look like and understand how much it will cost to build. This approach delivers you a perfect plan and peace of mind before you make the commitment to build.

During the Riverbend Design Process, you work one-on-one with your designer to create a plan that fits your site, budget, and style. This plan may be based on one of our design concepts or created from scratch. Either way, we provide a 3D color rendering of your home — usually drawn on a photo of your site — and a virtual tour of the exterior and interior of your timber frame home.

What’s Needed to Begin the Design Phase:

  • Topography, road configurations, and view corridors will all have an impact on design, so it’s important to have purchased your land.
  • You need a good understanding of your layout needs & preferences. You may have decided to start with one of our existing plans. Alternatively, you can bring us multiple plans, photos, and even your own sketches to use as starting points. You don’t need everything figured out, just a direction for your designer to go in.
  • Know your total target budget for the entire project. We’ll design your home to your budget. Because of that, we need to know what you’re willing and able to spend, in conjunction with your layout and stylistic needs.
  • Be ready to show or explain what your style preferences are for exterior materials like siding, stone, roof, and shingles (interior design elements will come later). These will be incorporated into your renderings, with the ability to choose exact materials during construction.
  • If your location is steep or complex, we may recommend that a topographic map be provided.


Photos Can Tell a Story

Photos of homes based on a specific plan are useful in helping you get a better understanding of what your own home might look like. They can also be misleading. Below are some samples of how past clients have updated two of our plans. Although you can see the similarities, there are some obvious differences as well. It is our job to capture your unique vision and translate it into a custom plan. At the end of the design phase, we want to show you your home, not a photo of someone else’s interpretation.

Homes Built Using the Cattail Lodge Floor Plan Concept

Three Timber Homes Based on the Tuscany Plan

Need More Information?

Whether you’re looking for more information or would simply like to learn more about us and our services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please follow the link below to access our online form or call us at 888.486.2363 in the US or 888.999.4744 in Canada. We look forward to hearing from you.

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