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The Open Space of a Timber Home

Posted on Jul 10, 2012

Main Living Space One of the most characteristic elements of a traditional timber home is the open spaces within. Using bents and intricate timber skeletons to provide the structure reduces the need for interior load-bearing walls and creates spacious, flowing layouts. Whether it is the uninterrupted continuation of the kitchen into the dining and great rooms you are drawn to or the airy appeal of a loft, the layout of a timber frame home is something that is traditionally shared in the open.

Social Aspects of a Timber Home

Whether a family and friends circle is large or small, timber frame homes create great structures for entertaining. The common feature of openness in the main living spaces and their seamless flow creates the perfect setting for social gatherings. For example, the experience of hosting holiday gatherings where you are able to work in the kitchen while keeping up a conversation with someone in the great room or dining room is one that is not often achievable in your average stick framed home. Interior Spaces

Nature of a Timber Home

As a style that dates back centuries, the innate beauty of a timber frame is something that should be noticed and admired. Each home has a design accented by intricate truss systems and traditional timber connections.  All you need do is look up from any room to see the beauty which makes up your custom wood home.

Outdoor Ties

Feeling a special tie to a piece of land is a primary reason people build wood homes. Wanting to mimic the flow of nature and the “openness” of the great outdoors is an age-old desire of timber home builders. This feeling is easily achieved in timber frame homes with their timber structures and incorporation of large, picture windows that connect and provide a sense of natural relaxation while still indoors. For plans with a smaller footprint, the open appeal of a timber frame can make the home feel larger as well.

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