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Designing Your Outdoor Space

Posted on Jul 3, 2012

Historically, the art of timber framing a home or barn was not only a time-honored tradition that brought together family and neighbors to help with the process, but it was a way for people to stay connected to the land around them. Today, although the process may have changed slightly, a client’s love of nature and their goal of interacting with their land remain. This desire of homeowners may even be increasing today as people add outdoor timber frame structures and spaces as extensions of their homes. This focus on outdoor enjoyment has prompted us to discuss different ways you can create outdoor space that can be utilized for your specific needs and wants.

Location Covered Patio

The location of your outdoor living space in correlation to your property and floor plan is an important factor to consider during the first phases of your project. Do you want your timber structure to be an architectural focal point of your home? Creating a deck or patio just outside of your main living areas will showcase the space for guests and family alike. Or perhaps you desire a calm setting that is more fit to your lifestyle, think about building a private deck directly off of the master suite or a standalone gazebo located farther from the home in addition to your patio space. The orientation of the outdoor space is also something that requires careful planning. For example, if you live in a location with mild winters and intensely hot summers, it would make more sense to plan for your deck to be facing an area of the home that receives a decent amount of shade during the heat of the day or a location where there are plenty of trees.


The design of your deck space plays a pivotal role in an accessible outdoor area as well. The inclusion of coverings such as awnings and canopies in your home’s design can help to provide shade from summer’s heat and protection from the winter cold. Enclosures like screens or outdoor pony walls and gates are helpful for when humidity brings out bugs or when a snow barrier between the property and the home is needed. Perhaps you want a timber structure that reflects the timbers in your home—attached or detached pergolas, gazebos or enclosed sun rooms can achieve that goal in your design. The overall cost of an outdoor living space usually comes as an afterthought when considering your design and budget, but by speaking with your architect early on; you can save a substantial amount of money and time when your home is ready for construction. Timber Sunroom

Special Features

So you’ve designed your future timber home’s layout and have gone over where to build your deck space, now you want to make sure that the design is one that works best with your location and is comfortable as well as functional. Picture yourself sitting by a fire roasting marshmallows on a warm summer night, or sitting in the warmth of a hot tub on a crisp autumn day. These special features you make to your outdoor timber frame structure, whether they are a hot tub, fireplace, outdoor kitchen or dining area, will enhance your lifestyle and aid your outdoor living space in being used how it was designed to be.

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