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A Designer’s Perspective on Timber Home Designs

Posted on Apr 24, 2012

Riverbend’s unique and seamless Total Home Solution® process begins with professional in-house architectural design. By assigning trained and degreed architects to work directly with our clients, we have created unique and well-built homes that match each individual’s style, location and budget. This week, we spoke with Celeste, one of our in-house designers about her experiences creating timber frame home concepts that brought people’s dreams to reality.

Celeste, Degreed Architect – In her words:

Designing a home for a client creates a very close and personal relationship between you both. You work with them from day one, creating a space that they will one day live in. Much like the range in their personalities and wants, the type of materials they choose also make each project a very unique adventure. In my experience, the traditional architectural style of Riverbend emphasizes the placement and design of the interior timbers, focusing on the essence of the timber frame with clean lines.

Along with working with the client to design a home that they have imagined and have been saving for, I truly enjoy the creative freedom. I am able to express creative ideas through the design of homes and interpret these customer’s dreams into a concept drawing. Seeing a home I designed go from preliminary sketches to actual reality is a very accomplished feeling.

Over the years, I have designed some pretty unique spaces in projects before. From religious spaces like a full church with an alter and pews to high-tech safe rooms, it is always exciting to bring each client’s personality into their home. Probably the most unique room I have ever designed for a client was a bird room. This room was intended to house a variety of birds and even had a drain in the floor to keep the area clean.

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