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Craftsman Home Styles

Functional styling and attention to detail are hallmarks of Craftsman style timber homes. At Riverbend, our traditional techniques, skilled craftsmanship, and the quality of our natural timbers all work together in helping you build a custom style home which reflects your own character and blends the best of these elements. Want to learn more about our Craftsman style timber frame homes? Read below to learn more about these iconic homes.

Craftsman Home Plans

Craftsman style architecture is a 19th-century tradition that started in response to the Industrial Revolution. As machines and mass production overtook the market, a movement sprang up to build high-quality homes based on timeworn traditions. We can guide you in creating custom home styles that are functional while featuring handmade materials and a striking attention to detail. Ready to get started? Click the link below to begin your Craftsman custom home design.

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Craftsman Home Styles -

Browse Craftsman Style Floor Plan Concepts

Timber framing lends itself perfectly to Craftsman style homes. Working with Riverbend’s architectural designers, you can create a custom home that truly reflects your values and meetsyour personal desires. We encourage you to view our floor plans to find fresh inspiration and to get an idea of the many elements that can be used to add charm and character to your home.

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Craftsman Home Styles -

Appreciate Craftsman Style Home Designs

While design elements are a noteworthy attribute that makes your Craftsman style timber frame home unique, the functionality of these designs is another major part of their appeal. Practical room spacing and floor plan layout can be modified to suit your family’s needs and lifestyle, while exterior features can complement your surroundings and blend seamlessly into your neighborhood.

Craftsman Style Legacy Living Homes

By constructing your own Craftsman style timber frame home, you’re doing more than building a house. You’re crafting a legacy that will serve as a testament to you and your family for years to come. Read and see the stories of past clients and be inspired by their designs and experiences.

Let Riverbend Build Your Craftsman Style Home

Springing out of the Arts and Crafts movement that arose more than a century ago, the history of  Craftsman style can be attributed to two architects, brothers Charles and Henry Greene. Their original work centered on creating bungalows, which featured low pitched roofs and porches for taking advantage of the weather in warmer climates. The style quickly spread and is now used in areas throughout North America.

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