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Commercial Timber Frame Buildings

Posted on Feb 2, 2018

Timber framing is not just a great idea for residential homes, it is a creative way to build commercial structures as well. Many commercial buildings use timber framing to create iconic and memorable spaces. From churches to offices, timber framing’s traditional beauty can help define and enhance a large building. As such, it has remained a popular style of construction throughout the years because of its impact on a building’s atmosphere, versatility, and energy efficiency.

Sports Force Park, Sandusky, Ohio

Why Timber Frame?

Timber framing’s popularity first spread in the 15th Century when it was used to build church houses. In medieval days, most church buildings played multiple roles in the community as both churches, and either homes or trading halls. As a result, they needed to be quite large. The strength of wood framing made it an ideal material to create large spans and wide open spaces. This practical building solution was also an art form that still has many admirers today.

Today, churches, community centers, and other forms of businesses choose timber framing to add interest to their buildings. Timber framing adds both beauty and strength to buildings making them unforgettable.

Unlimited Design Options

Modern? Traditional? One-of-a-kind? Timber framing can fit any style building you want to construct. The commercial building design possibilities with timber frame are endless.

Your design will have an impact on the “feel” the timber framing creates in your commercial building. Trusses and timber frame bents offer the most opportunity to customize your commercial structure. Timber trusses can be simple or complicated. Can you imagine a curved chord spanning your building or a dramatic scissor truss configuration welcoming customers into your business?

Other Benefits of Timber Frame

In addition to beauty, timber frame provides an unobstructed layout. This is perfect for gathering places and retail spaces. Timber frames are also known for their vaulted ceilings and ability to spread natural light.

Timber framing’s symbiotic relationship with structural insulating panels (SIPs) also create additional benefits for commercial buildings and business owners. SIPs create the walls and roof of commercial buildings by wrapping around the timber framing. Since SIPs have a tighter seal than typical wood frame construction, they help prevent air and heat leakage from the structure. The result is a beautiful building that is also energy efficient and costs less to heat and cool. The benefits of SIPs can help a building with qualifying for Energy Star, LEED, and Enterguide certifications.

Lastly, the timber frame structure and SIPs need less labor to install than traditional stick framing, speeding along the construction of your commercial building while reducing labor costs to build.

Types of Commercial Timber Frame Structures

Timber framing can be used in many forms of commercial construction. We have included some building ideas and linked to projects in which Riverbend has been involved.

Ready to Build a Timber Frame Commercial Building?

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