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The Difference between Interior Design and Decorating

Apr 30, 2013

When we envision that dream timber frame home of ours, it is the elegant finishes both inside and out that we see, not the fresh drywall and exposed wiring for the electrical system. We like to see our home as a finished whole that looks picture perfect from every angle, not the work it takes […]

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Timber Framing in Non-Vaulted Spaces

Apr 23, 2013

A vaulted ceiling that soars overhead, adorned by an intricate web of timber framing – this is the image many of us see when we visualize a timber frame home’s interior. Although soaring ceilings and repeating timber trusses are very indicative of traditional timber framing, they do not have to be the standard look for […]

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12 Tips from Timber Home Living

Apr 16, 2013

You’ve been dreaming, planning, and saving for that ideal timber home for years. Before you take the steps towards working with a designer to create that dream space, Timber Home Living has put together a tip sheet focusing on aspects of home design to consider. Today we have included some of our favorite tips from their […]

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Riverbend’s Favorite Plans

Sep 04, 2012

With over 30 unique floor plan concepts in Riverbend’s portfolio, we have a variety of different styles and designs to kick start your custom timber frame home. Sometimes it can be difficult to find a place to start your process, so here is a list of a few of our favorites concepts and why. Our […]

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The Open Space of a Timber Home

Jul 10, 2012

 One of the most characteristic elements of a traditional timber home is the open spaces within. Using bents and intricate timber skeletons to provide the structure reduces the need for interior load-bearing walls and creates spacious, flowing layouts. Whether it is the uninterrupted continuation of the kitchen into the dining and great rooms you are […]

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Timber Home Bath Design

Jun 26, 2012

In contrast to the open spaces, sweeping ceilings and beautiful connections that are customary of traditional timber frame homes, a bathroom is that quiet area of solitude, away from it all. Whether you are designing a guest powder room or your private master bath, there is a lot of planning that should go into making […]

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A Naturally Lit Timber Home

May 22, 2012

The tradition of timber frame homes goes beyond their designs tailored around beautiful interior spaces highlighting natural elements. When you design a wood home, the incorporation of light, both artificial and natural, is an important facet to your project’s finished look and feel. With the help of your designer, you can illuminate your home’s interior […]

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Timber Home Kitchen Design

Apr 03, 2012

The kitchen is more than just a place to prepare a meal; it is a gathering point for friends and family on every occasion. Much like a timber frame home, a kitchen should reflect your style and personality as well as be a functional space for everyday life. Whether you want your kitchen to be […]

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