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Trusses Help Define the Space

Feb 22, 2019

Growing up, you likely heard that it’s what is on the “inside” that matters most. Or maybe it was the more, colloquial version, “Never judge a book by its cover.” Regardless of which one sounds more familiar to you, timber frame home owners and craftsman alike embrace these truisms every day. This is because, (stunning […]

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Timber Framing vs. Post and Beam

Feb 08, 2019

While researching timber frame homes, you may have seen the words “post and beam” and wondered if they are related to timber framing — or perhaps even a synonym for timber framing. This article explores the differences between post and beam and timber framing because, although post and beam and timber framing share some attributes, […]

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Selecting Your Architectural Style Part One

Dec 21, 2018

This article begins a three-part series taking you on a tour through Riverbend’s six architectural styles. After almost 40 years designing and crafting timber frame homes, the Riverbend team has the knowledge and expertise to assist you with the initial planning of your dream home. For many clients, selecting architectural style is the first step. […]

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Timber Framing History Part II

Sep 27, 2018
timber frame topping out ceremony

Part One of this series on the history of timber framing saw us review thousands of years of history across multiple continents. Today’s article introduces you to the history behind timber framing’s rich traditions. Still carried out today, timber frame traditions range from ceremonies to saw marks. One thing these traditions have in common? Each […]

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Timber Framing History Part I

Sep 14, 2018

This month begins our four part blog article series, “Timber Framing History.” As you contemplate designing and building your timber frame home, you may find yourself seeking a deeper understanding about the origins, geographical adaptation, and traditions of timber framing itself.  By knowing a bit more about how timber frame building methods evolved over time, […]

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Questions to Ask Before You Begin

Oct 01, 2014

For centuries, people have chosen timber framing as their preferred building style because of its traditional beauty, durability, and overall visual impact. If you are planning to build, you might know from day one that you want to have a timber frame home, but how do you go about finding the right company to bring […]

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Timber Frame Joinery

Jul 16, 2014

Beauty, strength, and detail—these are the hallmarks of traditional timber framing. Comprised of joints and connections developed centuries ago, these methods of construction are still employed today. From hand tools and chisels, to the modern precision machinery, a timber frame’s connections not only provide an enduring framework, but they integrate with the beauty of the […]

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Timber Framing vs. Timber Post and Beam

Apr 09, 2014

You may have come across the term Post and Beam in your search for timber homes. Although Post and Beam and Timber Framing are two styles with similar attributes, many people (even within the industry) have a hard time distinguishing between the two. Today we will explore the differences in these two styles and why […]

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A Labor of Love in Kentucky

Sep 03, 2013

For Doug and Julie, the journey towards their dream home went beyond choosing the perfect location and creating a custom design; they wanted to build the home themselves. So after years of thought and research, the couple purchased farmland in Western Kentucky. With their lot secured, they began the search to find a company that […]

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Log Home Expert’s View on Timber Framing

Apr 02, 2013

This week, we asked Log Home Industry leader and editor of the Log Cabin Directory, Tom Heatherington, what his thoughts were about traditional timber framing as it compared to log homes. Read below as he shares his opinion. What are the main differences you see between log and timber frame homes?  It is amazing to […]

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