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Top Reasons to Choose Riverbend’s BuilderSelect™ Construction Solution

Posted on Sep 27, 2019


After designing and building 5,000 timber frame homes in North America, Riverbend knows offering one construction solution is not enough. Every homeowner brings a unique set of wants and needs to their dream home. It’s why we offer our Total Home Solution™ (THS™). The exclusive THS process features several construction solutions to meet your needs, and each results in a beautifully crafted home. Of the construction solutions offered as part of our THS ™, however, one stands out as our most popular. Here are the top reasons people select Riverbend’s BuilderSelect™ construction solution to build their timber frame home.

Engineered Construction Drawings

At the end of the Design Process, the same Riverbend design team that drew your home’s conceptual plan will create the construction drawings. The construction drawings are sent to a third-party engineer licensed for your build location for review and approval.

In-Depth Whole Home Cost Estimate

If you have previously read about our construction solution options, you already know that every Riverbend project includes a dedicated project manager. When choosing BuilderSelect™ however, the dedicated Riverbend project manager uses the construction drawings created for you to complete an in-depth detailed cost estimate to build your home. The in-depth cost estimate includes more details than the initial cost estimate provided at your design meeting.

The detailed, whole home cost estimate is based on three items. The first is our knowledge of industry costs. Secondly are the specifications in your construction documents. Finally, we include your input about desired materials and finishes for your home. Moving forward, you and your project manager will use the whole home cost estimate as a benchmark for evaluating builder bids.

Finding and Vetting General Contractors and Comparing Bids

As explained above, upon executing the materials contract with Riverbend, your designer created the engineered construction drawings. Now, your project manager assembles a Request for Proposal (RFP) that includes those engineered construction drawings and full structural specifications. He then sends the RFP packets to prospective builders and interviews these potential general contractors on your behalf.

As part of BuilderSelect™, your project manager will receive the builders’ bids, and analyze and compare pricing and construction timelines. Then, he will present the bids to you along with detailed reports. In the end, you sign a contract with the builder you choose, without losing countless hours of your valuable time.


timber frame loft

Once your timbers are fabricated and pre-fit in our shop, a professional crew of Riverbend employees visits your build site to erect the home’s timber frame for your builder. What is the advantage of this? It provides you flexibility to hire the best general contractor for your home, even if the general contractor is not an expert in timber framing. Another advantage in having Riverbend install your timber frame? It allows for quick resolution of any problems that arise during installation.

Complete Structural Shell

Your home’s Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are directly sourced from other PFB companies. SIPs and ICFs provide your timber frame home with a sturdy, highly energy efficient structural shell. And, after erecting your timber frame structure, Riverbend can provide an onsite technical advisor (TA) to work with your general contractor to install the SIPs. This TA teaches your builder how to properly install SIPs and is available to answer questions the builder has during the installation process.


tuscany style timber frame home

When you choose BuilderSelect™ as your construction solution, Riverbend stays with you throughout your home’s build. Your project manager coordinates a foundation inspection and a separate structural inspection. Both inspections ensure that your home is built according to the engineered construction drawings. Further, once the home is complete, Riverbend coordinates an energy evaluation of the home’s structural shell. This inspection includes a blower door test and thermal imaging analysis of the home’s structural shell to ensure that the SIP enclosure is performing as designed.

In the end, no matter which construction solution you choose, your Riverbend home will be like no other. It will represent your dream, warmly welcome friends and family, and stand as a legacy for generations to come. Reflect your style with a home by Riverbend Timber Framing. Contact us today for a confidential assessment of your site.

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