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Loft Space Design

Posted on Oct 16, 2012

When it comes to authentic timber frame design, a beloved element included in virtually every home is a vaulted ceiling featuring a timber truss system. Another time-honored tradition of timber framed homes, however, is the loft. And, loft spaces are easily designed into the expansive, open spaces amidst the soaring ceilings. Whether you include a loft because you want more space, or simply as a way in which to highlight your timbers, there are a few different styles of lofts for you to consider.

A Simple Walkway

detailed timber frame loft space

A loft’s purpose is often as a simple walkway to other rooms as seen in the photo above. This home’s catwalk takes you from the staircase to an upstairs living space under the artisan design of overhead timbers.

A View of the Great Room

loft space designed with curves and angles

The loft space design above flows into the great room’s ceiling space, allowing a different perspective of the main floor’s magnificent view.

A Catwalk and Privacy

barn home loft riverbend timber framing

Perhaps you want to retain the open feeling of your layout while still including second-level spaces for privacy. In the photo above, a catwalk equipped with a cozy reading area accomplishes both goals.

A Loft To the Outdoors

timber frame loft reaching outside

You don’t have to limit your loft’s functions to the home’s interior. Having a loft space design like the one above, where your loft flows to an outdoor balcony, provides a lovely connection to the outdoors.

For more photos of unique and customized loft spaces, view our photo gallery.

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