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Top 5 Designing Tips for Green Timber Framing

Posted on Jun 12, 2012

One of the many benefits of building a Riverbend Timber Frame home is that they are not only beautiful and long-lasting, but also very energy efficient. For the clients who want to take advantage of even more energy efficient opportunities, here are five additional items to consider.

1. Utilize energy efficient products

To coincide with your Riverbend Timber Frame home’s naturally tight and efficient envelope, you will want to optimize its overall performance through several simple means, such as installing low E or high performance windows and glazing. Energy Star dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerators are also good energy efficient opportunities to utilize.

2. Use low-VOC and sustainable products

Nothing is more environmentally friendly than wood. By combining timbers with low-VOC products and paint as well as eco-friendly stains and sealants you can drastically decrease the chances of health related problems due to pollutants.

3. Use the Power of Green

A trend that is rapidly gaining popularity among new homeowners is the use of renewable energy technologies. Programs across the country are being developed that give incentives to those who implement technologies including wind, water and solar energy into their new homes. By incorporating any one of these systems into your home, you will not only make your home a healthy place to live but you could save money on utility bills.

4. Adjust Your Lifestyle

Small adjustments to your lifestyle can also come with big rewards in efficient living. By installing low flow faucets and showerheads, you can save as much as 2,000 gallons of water a year. Turning lights off in unoccupied rooms and plugging multiple household items into a power strip that can be turned off when inactive is also another way to decrease your home’s footprint.

5. HVAC Systems

The selection of your water and heating systems are important household systems to consider when equipping your home. Making sure that they fit your home’s size and layout is something we can consult on if you choose to make this a priority.

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