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What Is A Timber Frame Hybrid?

You may have come across the term in magazines or while doing online research, but what exactly does ‘hybrid’ mean in the Timber Framing industry? In a unique market such as this, the term can take on a few meanings. It can mean the combination of different products in your building process, or it can mean the mixture of different stick frame or timber frame styles and materials. At Riverbend, we consider our building system, with a SIP envelope and timber frame interior to be a hybrid timber frame home.

A Better Building System

While timber framing has been a traditional method of construction for over two-hundred years, the walls required to wrap the timber frame structure have developed and changed with time. Over a century ago, homes were built using straw and clay for insulation, with siding lining the exterior. More recently, the use of conventional 2×6 framing was incorporated into the space between timbers. Today, the best and most efficient choice is to use SIP panels.

What Are SIPs? Timber Framing and SIPs Building System

SIPs are structural insulated panels used in building construction, both residential and commercial. Consisting of an insulated foam core and two outer oriented strandboards or OSBs, SIPs are fabricated to envelope the whole house and to fit comfortably into most building designs.

Riverbend Hybrid Timber Frame Homes

Knowing that SIPs and timber framing are a natural fit, we not only began incorporating them into our system but we manufacture SIPs as well. Seamlessly integrating Insulspan SIPs and Riverbend timber framing into a single design unit, we have created a well-crafted and quality system from this hybrid style of timber home design.


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