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General FAQ

Welcome to Riverbend Timber Framing’s FAQ Blog

The dream of building a timber frame home can span months, years or even decades.  As you journey on your unique path toward achieving that dream, you’ll probably have a few questions about timber frame construction or specifically about Riverbend’s products and services.

Over the years we’ve gathered the questions you’ve asked and are in the process of creating a Frequently Asked Questions blog to help you find the information you’re looking for.  If you are unable to find an answer, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can find some of the most frequently asked questions below or navigate through the topics located at the top left of the page for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

I Love the Look of a Plan, but the Turnkey Estimate is Beyond my Budget.

We are able to use the design style of a concept that may be larger than what you need, to create a smaller, less complex, version of the plan that works within your budget.

What Level of Finishes are Common?

We estimate the turnkey costs for our conceptual designs using a median level of finishes. If you select lower-end finishes, you can reduce overall cost to build a little more.

I Have a Tricky Lot, How Can I Find a Plan to Fit?

We design each of our client’s homes utilizing your topography map, photos of your site and recognized view corridors. Find a design to start with and we will modify it to work with your unique build location. You can also search floor plans by lot configuration. 

How Much Can I Save by Reducing the Size or Complexity of a Design?

Turnkey cost savings from modifying an existing design will vary based on the extent of your changes. Keep in mind – we can modify any design, but there are a finite amount of changes we can make. If your budget is not already within 10-25% of the estimated cost, there may not be enough room to meet a lower budget.

What Aspects of My Design will Affect the Turnkey Cost to Build?

All of these factors can be modified to help achieve your turnkey cost goals:

  • Total Livable Sq.Ft.
  • Size of Garage
  • Basement Space
  • Amount of Decks/Patios
  • Complexity of Design
  • Level of Finishes
  • Density of Timber
  • Complexity of Timber
Riverbend’s unique process also includes a cost feasibility study.

The Timber Framing Shown Does Not Fit with my Personal Style.

The timber frame shown within each design concept is just one version of what could be done. We can modify the design, reduce the amount of framing or add materials to other rooms.