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Introducing, Elegant Wood Homes Magazine

Digital Magazine

Elegant Wood Homes, Fall 2013 Cover

We are very excited to announce our new digital interactive magazine, Elegant Wood Homes.

It’s no secret how fast the digital age is changing, tablets are becoming more and more popular and smart phones are rapidly taking on many computer-like functions. So in order to keep up with the changing times and to meet the growing demand for tablet-specific content, we’ve created Elegant Wood Homes. This publication is one of the first in the digital magazine industry that offers completely interactive content — from advertising, to images of client’s homes, to 360 degree models of a home’s envelope and much more!

The magazine also features exclusive stories and breathtaking pictures from some of our most exciting homes, as well as informative articles about design, the legacy of timber framing, and energy efficiency.

For a limited time, we are offering the first issue of the magazine, which has over 50 pages of content, for only $2.99! In the next two weeks, the price will go up to its normal $3.99 per issue price. So order today:


Please note that this magazine is only available digitally via a tablet or smart phone.