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A Compact Plan with Architectural Interest

When you build a custom timber frame home, you want it to stand out from the crowd; it should be an extension of your lifestyle and personality. When your floor plan comes to a sweeping 5,000 square feet, it is easy to add that variety of unique details to your home’s interior and exterior spaces, but that doesn’t mean a floor plan with a smaller foot print can’t also possess complex design features. Here is one of our newest plans, the Greenbrier, which highlights a compact design’s ability to architectural interest.

The Greenbrier Greenbrier Floor Plan

The enchanting French Country design of the Greenbrier features a blend of materials from stucco to stone and of course, timber framing to bring the charm of the European countryside to life. The multiple roof planes of the exterior add dimension to the home while timber truss work adorns the eaves of the home’s entries. A large terrace is seen from the rear, bringing this floor plan’s livable spaces, outdoors.

Upon entering the home, the high ceilings and large open spaces of the main living area highlighted by magnificent timber connections, give a breezy and spacious impression of the interior. With the right side of the main level set apart for a private master suite, the rest of the floor is open to guests and family for dining and entertainment.  The second level provides an office and two more bedrooms that are large enough to include specialty areas like a game space or sitting area and cozy enough to act as a children’s personal retreat to playtime.

By simply looking at the floor plan’s design and layout, you can see the detailing and architectural features that make the Greenbrier a charming and quaint design. It makes it hard to believe with all of these elements that its total livable square footage comes to 2,140.

As a part of Riverbend’s Floor Plan series, the Greenbrier is just one of several new floor plans of different sizes and styles that feature a one-of-a-kind architectural design that makes each one unique.


Learn more about the Greenbrier and other new floor plans and how you can customize them to fit your lifestyle, budget and land by contacting us today.

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  1. William Hansel says:

    Are there interior photos of the Greenbrier model?…can a garage be added while maintaining the integrity of the style?…I am planning a visit to western NC, eastern TN…is there an example of the Greenbrier? …thank you, William Hansel.

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