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Choosing A Timber Frame Company

Once you’ve made the decision that building a timber frame home is what you want, your next thoughts become about finding the right company that works for you. You know you want a home that is beautiful, well-built and is constructed at a competitive cost, but how do you decide which company is the best fit and what factors should affect how you choose?

Obvious Factors

Finding a timber frame company that has experience and a history of quality will ensure that your home is built correctly. It doesn’t hurt to look into the business’ background; how long they’ve been doing what they do and what styles they offer. Many timber framers offer a traditional look and feel while other manufacturers concentrate on a more robust mountain style of timber framing. Make sure you find a company whose style matches your own.

Architectural Services vs. Stock Plans

One of the most common ways of researching companies is to look through their stock plans. There may or may not be a vast difference in plans from one company to the next, but if you are looking for a basic design, you should have a number of companies to choose from. However, if your desire is a truly one of a kind, custom home that is designed for your budget, then you will want to find a company that offers more personalized architectural services.

Comparing Building Systems

Many timber framing companies use some form of mortise and tenon joinery for their building system, but how do you want the timbers to be cut? Deciding whether you prefer hand-cut timbers or machines programmed to cut the frame precisely to plan is a question you should ask yourself. Does the company use only timber framing in construction or do they use additional materials like SIPs or spray-in foam? If you choose a company that utilizes SIPs; do they purchase the materials from a third party or do they manufacture them in-house. The most effective way to have a seamless building process is to choose a company with a complete building system.

Extended Services Offered

Finally, you should ask yourself to what extent your timber frame company will be a part of your entire build project; will they simply design your home and manufacture the timbers or will they truly be with you until you turn the key? Not all companies offer their clients the same level of services.  Discover what kind of experience you want to have with your timber frame company and then find one that matches your needs.


As you continue your search for a timber home company it is important to first understand that not all companies operate the same way and second to ensure that your needs match with what they can offer. Learn more about the Riverbend Timber Framing approach: Total Home Solution.

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